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Comercial roof holding water


Notice the areas that holds water. these areas that you see are dark in color.these dark colored areas have mold,dirt and debris that have collected on the roof.There are multiple leaks under the areas that hold water.The second picture shows a thru wall drain that is connected to a gutter system.the thru wall gutter system is not operating at full capacity.This thru wall gutter system is designed to allow water to drain from the roof area.Problem: (1) these areas will need to be raised to allow water to drain from roof to the thru wall gutter system.(2) new modified bitumen roof system installed at the raised roof areas.(3) re-coat all of the roof area with a white elastomeric roof coating.

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Roof chimney cricket


Add new wood cricket to allow water to drain around chimney.

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Roof wind Damage



Strong wind pulled shingle from the roof deck

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Roof leaks nail pop


Pictures of nail pops. 8 penny decking nails and  1 1/4 roofing nails.

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Roofing valley repair


Tree debris had collected in this area. Rain water could not drain properly. water deteriorated the 1×6 roof decking. we removed and replaced insulation, shingles,valley metal,roof vent and 1×6 decking.

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Roofing Shingles


A Three Tab Shingle Roof system provides a 25 year manufactures limited  warranty.

A architectural Shingle roof system provides a manufactures limited lifetime warranty.

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Roofing Modified Bitumen s/a

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A Modified Bitumen Roof System provides a 12, 15 or 20 year manufactures limited warranty.

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